Tokina AT-X107 F3.5-4.5 DX Fish Eye for Canon Nikon - Hitam

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Ultra Wide-Angle 10-17mm Lens
For Canon Digital Cameras
Fisheye Lens Covers Entire APS-C Frame
Compatible with Full-Frame Sensor
Easy-to-Clean Water Repellant Coating
Super-Low Dispersion Glass Element
Compact and Lightweight
Fast Focusing
No Built-In Lens Hood

This ultra wide-angle Tokina AT-X 107 AF NH Fisheye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 Lens for Canon delivers the ultimate in wide-angle drama for your Canon camera. A 180 view at the 10mm setting takes in more than the human eye sees, with a typical dramatic curvature of field. At the 17mm end of the zoom, it's a very wide-angle lens.

This lens may be used with cameras using APS-C size sensors, and with cameras using full-frame sensors. A full corner-to-corner image can be achieved on a full-frame (FX) camera between approx. 14.5-17mm depending on the camera model--at 10-14mm the image doesn't cover the entire frame, and there's a semi-circular view. Additionally, this NH (no hood) version of the lens lacks a built-in lens hood in order to provide greater coverage and less vignetting on full-frame cameras, as well as to extend the lens's compatibility with underwater housings.

This very useful lens contains one super-low dispersion glass element, helping to make the lens compact, lightweight (12.3 oz/350g) and fast focusing. The front element has a Water Repellent (WR) optical coating which makes removing water spots and fingerprints much easier. The lens differs from the AT-X 107 DX in that the built-in hood has been removed allowing for a wider image area and more coverage on full-frame sensor (FX) cameras.